“Words are life.”


So…remember my last blog post? I said I would have a review of The Queen of Blood?

Something happened.

I got buried…in manga.

Yes. I became incredibly invested in these past few days with manga. I’ve read some Fullmetal, Sailor Moon, Hana-Kimi, Claymore and I literally went to the library and the used bookstore and got, like, 20 more. I’m not even joking.

I’ve become incredibly invested in reading manga. It’s all about the art and the story for me. The art is beautiful and I love how the writers create the characters and evoke emotion – crazy and emotional – in the panels. I’ve been trying to watch the anime, too, but there’s nothing better than the manga. I guess “the book was better” goes for manga, too.

I will have a review up soon for The Queen of Blood, but I am just loving my manga craze right now. If anybody understands, then understand the need for patience.

So…I’m going to go bury myself back in the manga. No need to send for food and coffee. I’m stocked up.




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